About Us

Our Company

Macocaya, S.L. was founded in 2004. The property and the management are familiar and we are located in the province of Barcelona.

We are dedicated to import from all parts of the world, licensed and themed decorative products.

We have a 1250 square meters showroom where we expose all the products that we import, so we invite you to see our showroom to have real idea of the products.

Our products are of the highest quality, handmade, mainly with polyester, resin, and reinforced with fiberglass.

We are specialized in making copies of figures of all kinds and shape life-size (as natural), from 15 centimeters to 12 meters height.

We are proud of our quality, our designs and finishing details.

Also we can design and manufacture custom and special models on request. We also have other items made with porcelain, iron or wood.

All carefully hand-painted with incredibly real finishes.

The products we sell range from formula one replica cars, to meters high dinosaurs, passing through 3D figures and statues of all kinds. Cowboys, Indians, horror, sports, pirates, Christmas, animals, aircraft, soldiers, cars, motorcycles, prehistoric, Egyptian, toys... They will delight your customers.



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