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Welcome to MACOCAYA IMPORT. A company that offers you the possibility to transform your local area business, or simply your home in a magical world, with figures of all kinds, with movement and static, we are specialists in 3D models of natural size and real measures that will help you to decorate any scenario. Our goal is to offer products that transport you to a special time. Our items are of the highest quality with very competitive prices. We are simply 'The provider', Macocaya Import is the largest supplier exclusively dedicated to figures, parts and furniture made of resin and high quality fiberglass in Europe.

Our products are great for advertising your business, attract more customers to yout point of sale, for the premises, decoration for your home and garden decorations, etc... All our replicas are characterised by their quality, their real loyalty to the replica, and high durability and resistance.

We have a wide range of figures, from farm to wild animals, pirates, Indians and Cowboys, medieval knights, historical characters, Hollywood stars, Halloween, sports stars items, sea animals, Disney and Warner, spectacular dinosaurs, Egyptian pieces, figures of Heroes and villains, etc... all them to be able to decorate and make any business or home; from theme parks , Horror attractions, recreational rooms, night clubs, theaters, zoos,... up to the dining room or the entrance of your house.

We are also pioneers in Europe developing, manufacturing and importing animatronic models with movement/sound to give more reality to our products.

The new Showroom is now open! Over 3000 parts in stock in Europe's largest Showroom, come and see!


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